Autism training & resources for law enforcement, emergency first responders, parents, educators, care providers & the autism community.

Autism & First Response Awareness Training: A Debbaudt Legacy Productions Public Service Announcement

For over 25 years, Dennis Debbaudt’s Autism & Law enforcement content and curriculum development has set the standard for autism training for policing, public safety and criminal justice professionals in the U.S., Canada and globally.

Are you searching for autism training materials for police and law enforcement? Dennis Debbaudt develops current, relevant sustainable and memorable autism and law enforcement curriculum and content. Search no more for researched, copyright licensed autism and law enforcement training objectives, course outlines, learning outcomes and informative audio video illustrations from Debbaudt and his autism and law enforcement video production team. Debbaudt offers referenced, detailed and easy-to-read handouts that can be modified for 10 to 20 minute roll call briefing session and two, three four hour sessions. Dennis wrote the scripts for training video scenarios that describe not only the highest risk autism and law enforcement encounters but strategies designed to lower risk when police officers and first responders interact with autistic citizens.

The following feature is from HBO & The Night of Too Many Stars benefit for Next For Autism:

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Law enforcement, public safety and criminal justice training professionals can use the time saved in research coupled with Debbaudt’s experience and expertise to custom design an autism curriculum, powerpoint and training video illustrations that will meet your agency’s specific needs.

Dennis Debbaudt is a professional investigator, journalist and proud parent of a son who has autism. Dennis was the first address police related autism issues in the early 1990s. He has since produced over 40 autism and law enforcement related books, reports and training videos. His experiences in autism and law enforcement curriculum range from serving as a: Curriculum Review Team member and resource for Why Law Enforcement Needs To Recognize Autism developed by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions October 1999-the first ever autism curriculum for law enforcement; a Subject Matter Expert for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s curriculum Autism Awareness for Law Enforcement in 2017; a cited resource for the POST Field Guide: Police Response to People with Mental Illness or Developmental Disability, by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education & Training Commission, Hershey, Pennsylvania 2001; a consultant to Chicago Police Department’s autism training module in 2007; a Subject Matter Expert for California POST’s training video on autism, 2009; and developed and updated the Autism Trainer’s Guide for NYPD from 2008 through 2017.

Dennis Debbaudt, international autism training expertDennis Debbaudt continues his autism training mission by producing top quality Autism & Law Enforcement curriculum, videos, publications, and Autism & Law Enforcement training presentations.

Dennis Debbaudt has presented hundreds of direct training and conference sessions throughout the U.S. in Canada, Europe and southeast Asia. Every Dennis Debbaudt Autism & Law Enforcement training session is considered to be a train-the-trainer opportunity. Debbaudt’s training has reached well over 150k law enforcement, public safety and criminal justice professionals. For more information email Dennis at: or call: 772-398-9756. Dennis’ son Brad may answer the phone.

Autism News

walkingContact with Individuals with Autism – Effective Resolutions

“Dealing with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities requires officers to have additional training to handle these situations…”

Helping Police Understand the Autistic

“An autistic boy is discovered standing in the middle of a busy road, on his way to the beach. A young girl with autism outsmarts a number of locks, leaves the house before her mother wakes up and is found, naked but alive, in a neighbor’s pool…”

Dennis Debbaudt’s Autism & Law Enforcement Training

“Had I insisted on taking those beads away that would have been the precursor for fight or flight…”

Autism training consultant Dennis Debbaudt talks about autism risk at Richmond, California Police Department 2007

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