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Debbaudt Legacy Productions

Debbaudt Legacy Productions is a video documentary production company dedicated to providing the finest in professional training tools for autism education and awareness. Debbaudt Legacy Productions training videos have helped revolutionize training for law enforcement, first responders and others in the criminal justice system who interact with individuals with autism. Debbaudt Legacy Productions videos illustrate new concepts for law enforcement and first response agencies that help them ensure officer and responder safety, best management of time and resources, and to avoid harm to people with autism and related litigation associated with those mishaps.

Debbaudt Legacy Productions is seeking new and expanded opportunities with organizations that appreciate quality. The depth of experience and expertise involving the many facets of the video industry make Debbaudt Legacy Productions an asset to any autism related production.

Debbaudt Legacy Productions is a partnership between Dennis Debbaudt and Dave Legacy formed through a friendship developed at an autism awareness musical entertainment event in 1991. Dave covered the event for television news; Dennis was the event organizer. Dave was interested in autism beyond a news assignment at the same time Dennis was beginning his research into the field interactions between persons with autism and law enforcement professionals. Dennis' research led to the publication of his ground-breaking report Avoiding Unfortunate Situations in 1994. In 1998, Debbaudt and Legacy teamed up to film and record the introduction and narration for the Autism Society of America's 1999 Excellence In Media Award winning Autism Awareness Video for Law Enforcement and Community Service Personnel.

Debbaudt and Legacy combined their expertise in subject matter, field interviewing, and documentary production and formalized their partnership in 2005 after the release of the highly acclaimed Autism & Law Enforcement Roll Call Briefing Video. Debbaudt Legacy Productions has contributed video from their extensive (over 40 hours of autism-related field, interviews and b-roll) library to the Teachers College at Columbia University (New York) web site Child Abuse and Children with Disabilities (2005), the Chicago Police Department's autism video and training (2007) and developed a video and trainer's guide for the New York Police Department - NYPD (2008). Debbaudt Legacy Productions' Autism & Law Enforcement Roll Call Briefing Video is licensed for the exclusive internal use of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and the Pennsylvania State Police.

With the release of the Autism, Fire-Rescue and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training video, Debbaudt Legacy Productions is now (March 2009) in production of a training video for the state of North Carolina regarding autism and the criminal justice system.

Debbaudt Legacy Productions LLC inquiries can be made by email to or call Dennis Debbaudt at (772) 398-9756.

About Dave Legacy
Dave Legacy is a highly accomplished producer, director, videographer and editor whose work has informed and entertained audiences for decades. An award-winning cameraman, Dave has captivated viewers with dynamic visual illustrations. His video editing abilities, creativity and insight have greatly contributed to the increased awareness of autism in a manner that can only be described as revolutionary.

Dave Legacy Honors & Awards
Numerous Emmy Awards for news his videography, editing and sound recording techniques including Associated Press (AP) Photographer of the Year. Dave Legacy's footage has been featured on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox News, PBS, History Channel, CNBC, MSNBC, Reuters, ESPN, Fox Sports, The Weather Channel, and E.

About Dennis Debbaudt
A professional investigator and freelance journalist for 32 years, Debbaudt co-wrote for the Detroit News (1980), is a cited resource for Monthly Detroit Magazine, a McGraw-Hill book and worked with current affairs broadcast television companies in the U.S., Canada and United Kingdom including CTV (Canada), Granada TV and Thames TV (UK). He has since written autism book reviews for the Detroit Free Press.

Debbaudt began his research regarding the interactions between persons with autism and law enforcement professionals in 1991. His booklet, Avoiding Unfortunate Situations, reports on those early research findings. His research hit the mark then and now.

Dennis Debbaudt was recognized for his work by the Autism Society of America as a 2006 Champion for Advocacy and Awareness and the Sydney Templeton Award in 2008 from the Autism Society of North Carolina.

Mailing Address: 2338 SE Holland Street Port St. Lucie Florida 34952
Phone: (772) 398-9756 (Son with autism may answer phone) Fax: (772) 398-2428

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