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Autism training and resources for law enforcement, emergency first responders, parents, educators, care providers, and the autism community.

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Presentations Offered

Autism Recognition, Response & Risk Management Training Sessions

Autism recognition, response and risk management training sessions will help law enforcement, fire-rescue and emergency medical response, and criminal/juvenile justice professionals recognize the behavioral symptoms and characteristics of a child or adult who has autism, learn basic response techniques, learn about the high risks associated with autism, and will offer suggestions, options and specialized tactics about how to address those risks, increase officer and citizen safety, and avoid litigation. The training can be tailored to meet the needs of local communities and agencies.

Every session includes instruction on and information about:

• Common autism behaviors and characteristics
• Public safety issues
• Criminal justice issues
• Wandering, Search and Rescue
• Initial contact options
• Establishing communications
• Behavioral deescalation techniques
• Restraint and arrest options
• Offender and victim trends
• Fire-Rescue and emergency medical response
• Dilemmas and tips in interrogation and interview settings
• Working proactively with families, advocacy organizations and school systems
• Model programs
• Cross educational opportunities

Conference Keynote and Breakout Session for:

• Parents
• Educators
• Human Services Professionals
• Persons on the Spectrum


• Proactive disclosure tools-options
• Wandering
• Contact with police and first responders
• Safety at home and when traveling
• 911 data base alerts
• Developing an autism emergency handout
• Sharing deescalation techniques
• Developing IEP goals for safety
• Reducing victimization
• Safety & Risk life skills training
• Developing partnerships with law enforcement & first response agencies

Author Dennis Debbaudt's Autism Risk & Safety conference sessions are designed to identify issues of risk and provide strategies to help manage ASD risks at home, school and in the community. Dennis Debbaudt’s conference presentation also provides the best tools and options for parents, care providers, educators and persons with autism when developing partnerships with law enforcement, first response, and criminal justice agencies.

Dennis Debbaudt’s presentation can be modified to meet the needs of the host organization. He can expand his presentation to include persons with related conditions.

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Phone: (772) 398-9756 (Son with autism may answer phone) Fax: (772) 398-2428
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