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Autism Articles

The Art of Verbal Judo - How Tactical Communication Reduces Need to Escalate Use of Force
By Christa Miller

Which traffic stop is more likely to result in use of force?
Scenario A:
Officer: Give me your driver's license and registration.
Subject: Why?


Helping Police Understand the Autistic
By Tina Kelley

BRICK TOWNSHIP, N.J. - An autistic boy is discovered standing in the middle of a busy road, on his way to the beach. A young girl with autism outsmarts a number of locks, leaves the house before her mother wakes up and is found, naked but alive, in a neighbor’s pool.


Bracelets Help Track the Lost
By BEN KARP, Star Tribune

ZUMBRO FALLS, MINN. -- Grace Magruder's son had run away again.


Officers Learn to Deal with Autism
By Donna Swicegood

As his production assistants fitted a microphone onto Iredell County Sheriff's Office Deputy Tim Byrd, Dennis Debbaudt continued to tweak the scenario he was getting ready to film.


Associated Press: Mass. emergency workers learn to recognize Autism

Healthy State Florida
Autism & Police: Improving Interactions
Autism & Elopement: 8 tips for parents

Fox News Detroit: Autism Advocate promotes safety

United Press International: Advocates: Police need training on autism

Wired Magazine: Ex-Hacker Adrian Lmao Institutionalized, diagnosed with Asperger's

Law enforcement trainer teaching class on responding to people with Autism


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